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Robert Campbell
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Chico, CA, United States
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Warm Temperate

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About Robert Campbell

I've played around with gardens all my life, but never made a serious effort until February of 2012 when I built a couple of aquaponic systems. The idea really struck me as fun. I like to build things and have a scientific approach to making life easy, and it soon became an obsession.

My first crop of lettuce, and spinach was grown indoors with supplemental lighting. I was pleased with the results, but vowed to do better. I built another system outdoors, and soon had nutrient problems. It was a good chance to learn about nutrients and then pests and disease as many of my vegetables became weak.

It's February 2013 now and I have been building hugelkulture beds, wicking beds and plan to build a heated green house with a rocket mass stove for a bioponic system which I will use for winter crops, propagating plants from cuttings, and starts for the soil based gardens. I'm looking forward to a great crop this summer!


Tour my gardens

A quick tour of my experimental gardens. Aquaponics, Bioponics, Bio-Char, Hugelkulture, Wicking Beds and a Dutch Bucket Hydroponic system.

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