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Jacqueline  van Heerden
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Cool Temperate
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About Jacqueline van Heerden

After migrating from South Africa and spending 20 odd years in the corporate world of Public Affairs and marketing, I did a couple of television shows one in particular called Teenie Weenie Greenies where we tried to connect young children back to nature. This was one of the activities that inspired me to look at ways on how to care for the planet. This led me to the world of permaculture. I am versatile and play the roles of initiator, co-ordinator, project manager, convenor, director, collaborator, partner, disruptor, volunteer to deliver projects and initiatives that rejuvenate the planet, reduce waste and provide opportunities for greater self sufficiency and care for the earth.

Since 2011 I have turned my attention to local inner city activities building food security and waste projects and educating people about self-sufficiency and care for the earth. This has been achieved through working collaboratively with community organisations, local residents, local government and business owners to deliver more community food gardens, local waste solutions and education programs.
Projects include: Teaching young men and women in the Juvenile Justice Centre in Parkview teaching how to grow food using permaculture principles. I have run a number of workshops on how to grow organic food in the city. I have built a community urban food forest on a housing estate in Melbourne, Undertaken private designs. Taught two Cert III in Permaculture certificates in Brunswick at Marist Youth Care.

Apart from the community gardens established I have also:
- Co-convened establishment of Transition Town Kensington, in this role have
o Lobbied local Government on local waste projects
o Championed and established the Kensington Repair Hub collaborating with community organisations
- Established a local surplus and fresh food program during Covid19.
- Co Founded Kensington Seed Savers
- Wrote Sustainability Strategy for Kensington Community Festival 2019
- Lead a Senegal Permaculture training Program 2013 and 2016
- Committee member of Kensington Town Hall Compost Hub
- Directed and Managed Sustainability Expo (Part of the Kensington Community Festiva)l from 2017 to 2020

I am guilty of 'street gardening' and planting some fruit trees in public spaces. My intention is to become self sufficient and to work towards creating a city full of food as well as sharing my knowledge and resources with Africa


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Other course unverified
30870QLD - Diploma of Permaculture
Type: Permaculture Diploma
Teacher: Beck
Location: Bendigo Access Employment
Date: Jul 2013

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