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Will Borowski
Hobart, TAS, Australia
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Will Borowski

I grew up in Sydney, with an amazing orchard, chooks, creek in the backyard, and an insatiable curiosity. I've studied Agriculture, Ecology, Psychology and Outdoor Education at University. I've worked at the Australian National Botanic Gardens as a Horticulturalist, Bush Food specialist, Educator and Ranger.
I became interested in Permaculture while studying Agriculture at uni in 1989. Permaculture seemed to be the wholistic approach I was looking for. After much reading and practicing, I took a PDC in 2002.
In 2008 I set up a small business, forestfungi, in order to teach others how to grow gourmet mushrooms at home, as well as offering cultures, consultancy and supplies. I have been partnering with Milkwood Permaculture to deliver their Mushroom Cultivation Courses since 2011. I see the potential in strategically utilizing fungi in Permaculture systems, and aim to experiment and learn as I continue my journey.


My Badges
Consultant Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
PRI Unverified
Permaculture Design Certificate
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Bill Mollison
Other Teachers: Janet Millington
Location: Tasmania
Date: Nov 2002

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