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John Barrett
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Cold Temperate

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About John Barrett

Jonny grew up in Calgary with family land by Okotoks. Studied Global Resource Systems in Ag at UBC, Nonprofit Management at MRU, and so on. Jonny is passionate about community-building, wilderness, adventure and experiential education. He founded the Good Life Community Bicycle Shop in Calgary and has developed, managed, supervised, and facilitated groups, projects and activities involving people of all ages. Jonny believes that actually getting our hands dirty and experiencing life is the most effective route to building a better world through creating connections to each other, our communities, our selves, and to nature. Jonny believes that people want to be successful and, through supportive, encouraging, and challenging new learning experiences, we can come to understand and be inspired by our place and responsibility in the world.

Permaculture seems like a natural path in bringing together several passions as well as accepting responsibility with the family farm, which is a certified organic saskatoon berry orchard with produce gardens. We're learning and enjoying the road to creating a sustainable venture (in terms of human input, the capitalist machine that's actively killing the planet, and (primarily) the landbase) without compromising the integrity of the majority of the land that is left untouched.

I participated in a permaculture design certificate with Verge Permaculture, led by Rob Avis, that was amazing. It's had a great effect on both the visions for the "farm" as well as my home in Calgary - so, now's the fun part of making it happen! We also plan to learn a bunch more and build a straw bale house to live in at the farm.


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