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Robin C. M. Staple
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
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Cool Temperate

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About Robin C. M. Staple

I am a free-thinking, jovial, Permaculture interested city-dweller who is very keen on exploring new ideas and concepts relating to sustainable living. I am also very passionate about social issues such as immigration (the West is effectively a gated community shutting out 80% of the world's population from economic opportunity - we have set up a global apartheid system), trafficking, renewable energy, income inequality, democracy, civil liberties, consumerism, and lots more. These passions come out of my understanding of the message of Jesus, which I try to implement in my life.

I first came across Permaculture in December 2010 thanks to my cousin and my parents, who are transforming their respective gardens into little food forests.

My first Permaculture "project" was to source some Permaculture-grown veg for my family. We now get an amazing Veg box each week from www.ecoworks.org.uk, a truly inspiring local community Permaculture project.

My second "project" is to grow some veg on our patio. I've followed an idea from a Sepp Holzer book that I read on how to do this, and we will see how it goes (spring is approaching here in the UK!).


Start of my Patio Project

All set up, now waiting for warmer weather to sow seeds

Posted over 13 years ago (5 comments)
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