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Tim  ONeill
North Platte, NE, United States
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Cold Temperate
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Geoff Lawton
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About Tim ONeill

My background is varied. The bulk of my time has been spent as a serial entrepreneur. There have been a variety of adventures as I started out a combat photographer in the late seventies and early eighties. Art and photography have always been a staple of my income, sometimes as full time ventures and other times as part time supplement to my primary business. I have had the opportunity to work in a number of different industries including art, digital art, health and nutrition, real estate development, insurance and investments, and construction, small agriculture, internet marketing and publishing.

I became interested in permaculture when I was developing a small project is southern Colorado and we wanted to be off grid. The first thing we researched was a passive solar outhouse. During that research I ran into plans for a "Sunny John" that were designed by John Cruickshank who has since passed. John introduced me to a number of projects that were unique and left a small footprint on the earth but a large impression on me. John also introduced me to CRMPI and Jerome Ostentowski which was my formal introduction to permaculture. I have been a student ever since. Until recently I never took a PDC primarily because of the cost in both time and monetary resources. I started an online course with Barking Frogs ten years or so ago but never finished as the online format at the time didn't fit very well with my learning style. I am primarily a kinesthetic learner but video and audio work well too. I am ADD and dyslexic so to try and read through a bunch of boring scientific material is not effective. Those materials are great to use as manuals which work well but not for an evening read.

My publishing business has taken a different direction in the last year or so when I realized that harping about living your dream was changing me. I thought my dream was simply to make a living as an author, artist and publisher. While I still love the arts, I took stock of where I really enjoy spending my time and measured where I might have the biggest opportunity for impact. I have always felt even one person can change the world, I thought my path was to do that through art and art education. After deep thought and consideration I believe my call is in a different direction. Permaculture is the embodiment of so much that I believe in. My business is moving more towards permaculture and away from art. I will always be an artist, but I am going to follow my other passion and develop projects specific to permaculture and living sustainably. Our first venture is a magazine that is launching at the end of May 2013 called Eco Village Magazine. I have several books written specific to Permaculture that have never been published, I will polish those and get them published. A Permaculture magazine is scheduled for debut in the fall or winter of 2013.

It all starts with Geoff Lawtons new online PDC.
I am really looking forward to the changes. We have made the decision to sell our home and move to an smaller, less expensive place so we can spend money on developing the ground instead of simply paying it all to interest, taxes and insurance. Our hope is to find a 1-4 acre piece in an adjacent county as our code restrictions here are harsh and we have one of the highest property taxes in the nation. The forest garden, food landscaping, water catchment systems and other design elements we have here will benefit the next buyer and we will start over again.


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