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Marie-Claude Comeau
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Marie-Claude Comeau

I'm a geology student in Montreal, I've completed a minor in chemistry. I just came back from a three months internship in volcanology. I volunteer weekly in a research collective at my university (CRAPAUD). We implement new techniques of gardening (food, medicinal plants, mushrooms, bees...) on the campus, give conferences, organize workshops, etc.

I first learnt about permaculture in Costa Rica, where I was living on Kirk Angelo Blaker's semi-urban permaculture project. I then realized all the potential it had and how it was perfectly fitting with the life I try building for myself and others. I simply became addicted.

I now follow the online course given by Will Hooker, I read A LOT about permaculture, design, herbology,...
I'm really trying hard to gain the most knowledge possible. I will attend the northeast permaculture convergence in July and hopefully be able to start a urban permaculture project here in my apartment.


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