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Don Titmus


  • Joined: 10/02/2011
  • Location: Mesa , AZ, United States
  • Climate Zone: Arid
  • Gender: Male

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About Don Titmus

Born near London, England, 1958. After School I studied Horticulture and Landscaping. Worked for the London Borough of Hillingdon until 1981 when I moved to Arizona USA. Always an avid outdoorsman, Taurus and naturist.

Found Permaculture in 2003 and took my PDC with Scott Pittman and Larry Santoyo at Ecoversity in Santa Fe, NM.
A year later 2004 I took my first Teacher Training [Advanced Course] with Tom Ward and Jude Hobbs.

Took a Keyline Design Course with Darren Doherty, May 2007 at Quail Springs in Cuyama, CA.

Then in December 2008 took my second Teacher Training with Ben Fahrer and Kat Steel at Esalen in Big Sur, CA.

During this time I co-founded the Phoenix Permaculture Guild in the Metro Phoenix Area in Arizona. Started in the Spring of 2004 it grew steadily and then took off in 2008.
I began teaching the PDC in the Fall of 2006. I held the PDC with the PPG during the Fall and Spring until the Fall of 2010. Due to political and ethical differences I left the PPG and have begun teaching the PDC through my business - the Four Directions PermaCulture. Web site www.4dirs.com/fdpc.

Additionally during this time I re-landscaped my arid adapted homesite to one with more Permaculture. It is now a tour site and a Living Learning Centre called the Bee Oasis. See us on Facebook www.facebook.com/beeoasis and listed with www.ic.org.

I love teaching and I love the Permaculture Community.