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Robert Tomasevic
Bošnjaci, Croatia
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Cool Temperate
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Hi, mostly i'm just a fan of permaculture, have a little but great garden. My reason for being interested in Permaculture is a practical and educational one. I' am organising and preparing the FEZ13 - Festival of Knowledga event which comprises 'permaculture' - so the main idea is to bring here to the event specialists in this field and to teach people/attendants of the festival of all the good permaculture practices, here in Croatia there is also a permaculture movement and many people involved, but as we are a small country we don't get enough attention from the world despite our large mostly unused green fields and plains. As a part of the 'festival of knowledge' the precise intent is to establish a permaculture learning base in a town named 'Županja' which is in Croatia and also nearby other two states, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. This base should become a beacon for the 3 states if i manage to find the right people.

find us on FB pages (TheFez13) for more info.



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