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Amaiur Unzueta Zorrozua 's Profile
Amaiur Unzueta Zorrozua
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Amaiur Unzueta Zorrozua

I am originally from the Basque Country (north part of Spain), but I have been living in Canada for four years. I studied Biology in Spain and went on to complete a master's degree focused on Assisted Reproductive Technology at Nottingham University, UK. I then worked as an embryologist in Bilbao at the Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad, IVI, for 3.5 years. While working as an embryologist in Spain I pursued my academic interest in social and bioethical issues related to reproductive health and public health by studying a 2-year master's degree in Bioethics and Law at the University of Barcelona.
I first came to Canada in 2009 as a visiting scholar at the Joint Centre for Bioethics in Toronto. I then went on to work at a fertility clinic in Montreal.
While I was living in Montreal, I met many people involved in the environmental movement and I realized that the environmental field is very broad and concerns the food we eat, herbs, our habits, such as recycling, where our food comes from, how our food is cultivated, diversity of species and the condition of our water and soil.
Everything I have mentioned above, made me to rethink whether I wanted to continue working at fertility clinics or take another direction in the field of Biology towards as nutrition and organic practices. I chose the second option.
I got my permanent resident in March 2012, so I opted to take my food knowledge quest further and learn more about organic farming, trading theory for practice. Last summer as well as this summer, I  have worked  on an organic farm, Wild Flight Farm (it has 25 acres, but we use 10 acres for growing a variety of vegetables, it also has 14 green houses where in summer mainly  tomatoes, cucumbers and  peppers can be found. It is good feeling to move from the lab to the soil.
At the farm, we have several duties such as; seeding, planting, harvesting, pruning (especially tomatoes and cucumbers), soil preparation, weeding , packing for the two markets we have (Salmon Arm and Revelstoke- I did work as a vegetable vendor  at the farms market for 9 months in Revelstoke-), and other farming tasks.
Last winter is the time I first came across with permaculture. I spent the last 3 months volunteering and travelling in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and Bolivia, where I met many people working in the field of permaculture, I had the opportunity to learn from and work with them. In permaculture practice, I learnt the importance of soil management and traditional wisdom in order to live in a sustainable way.
I came back to Canada so fascinated with permaculture that i took an online “Permaculture Design Course” certificate having Alan and Jessica Enzo as teachers. In the course i learnt a lot but there is a concept that it can be applied to every situations in life “surplus create pollution and deficiency create work”. I also like the idea of relating healthy soil with healthy food, the use of companion plants, appropriate energy conserving technology practice, observation of the natural patterns, the idea to combine traditional knowledge with modern technology in a sustainable way so that the communities can rely on resources they have and people they are surrounded by.

In September I will start one year program in Holistic nutrition in Vancouver (my idea is to combine the knowledge in nutrition and permaculture) and I would love to learn more about permaculture (via internship) and also contribute what I have learnt about it too.
In the future, I see myself coordinating the community resources and needs,( in all aspects food, shelter, energy, education , health..) and finding people with the skills to cope with that,   in order to promote local resources, knowledge and interaction between the members of the community


My Badges
Aid worker
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate
Type: Online Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Verifying teacher: Alan Enzo
Other Teachers: Jessica Enzo
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Date: Apr 2013

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