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Karana Ellis
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Idleyld Park, Oregon, United States
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Cool Temperate
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Ubuntu Gardens

Ubuntu Gardens

Idleyld Park, US


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Ubuntu Gardens
Geoff Lawton
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About Karana Ellis

Karana Ellis (Akasha), is the founder of Ubuntu Gardens which is a nature-based workshop and retreat center for sustainability and healing arts education, a place for people to come together to discover and celebrate the sacred in all things! We are situated on a 200-acre organic forest farm and wilderness sanctuary located in the spectacular Pacific Northwest state of Oregon in the beautiful North Umpqua Valley.​​

​​​Here at Ubuntu Gardens we strive to find harmony within ourselves, our relations, and all of creation! It is our dream to facilitate a most conducive environment for people to come together to learn through experience, practical and empowering skills of how to work with one’s self, each other, and this sacred Earth upon which we live. It is in this way of conscious living and sharing that we hope to play some small role in helping to co-create this new dream of an awakening global and cosmic consciousness. Here at Ubuntu Gardens we host and facilitate educational experiences with groups of people to exchange wisdom and knowledge, and practice putting it into use through living together in nature as we re-establish our connection to the land, learning from ancient and modern ways alike, welcoming masters and elders from around the world. In the spirit of Ubuntu, recognizing the reality of our intimatly interconnected nature, we work to empower ourselves realizing that to create peace and harmony within ourselves is to help to create peace and harmony in the world…especially by being conscious of our sacred nature and infinite potential.


Permaculture Design Course at Ubuntu Gardens

Learn key permaculture principles such as: soil life and science, organic farming, composting, seed saving, Fukuoka's method of natural farming, Native American Permaculture, sustainable community, sustainable economy, natural building, natural energy, wa

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