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Nichole Fausey's Other Course Course Graduates

Nichole Fausey has 5 other course course graduates

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Name Course Title Type Date Location Teachers
1654590 645823628832589 7025297950827724116 o Sondra Brickell Fermentation Other Jul 2014 Plano, Texas Nichole Fausey
Munday bloody munday Margaux Khosraviani On-Site Internship Internship May 2014 Denton Nichole Fausey Richard Corey
The starr bumble bee plane img 4 Daphne Jeang PermacultureDenton Fermentation Courses and Workshops Other Jan 2015 Denton, Texas Nichole Fausey Richard Corey
Perm global avatar Lauren Vanderburg Fermentation Other Jul 2014 Denton, TX Nichole Fausey
Clint Clint Chamberlain Fermentation Other Jan 2015 Denton, Texas Nichole Fausey