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Margaux Khosraviani 's Profile
Margaux Khosraviani
Denton, Texas, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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Ethel Webster Shirley Murray
Geoff Lawton
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About Margaux Khosraviani

Hello, I'm Margaux! I've grown up surrounded in a variety of sciences and I've only recently gotten into the ecological and permaculture-oriented ones. I have a strong background in biological sciences.

My mother took Geoff Lawton's PDC and shared her interest with the house. July 2014 I took my own PDC and received certification from my mother's organization, PermacultureDenton. I have since had an internship with PermacultureDenton and I have received a Soil Food Web Certification from Elaine Ingham.

I'm currently getting ready for WWOOFing and Ben Falk's PDC in late August. I am also working on another certification from Elaine Ingham, about how to look at soil samples in a microscope.


My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certification Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Nichole Fausey
Other Teachers: Jason Ramsey, Warren Sippel, Chowgene Koay, Richard Corey, Loretta Buckner, Cristián Lávaque
Location: Denton
Date: Jul 2014
Other course verified
On-Site Internship
Type: Internship
Verifying teacher: Nichole Fausey
Other Teachers: Richard Corey
Location: Denton
Date: May 2014
Other course verified
Soil Food Web Online Course
Type: Soil Biology/Compost
Teacher: Elaine Ingham
Location: Online
Date: Aug 2014

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