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Nicole Paquette
Lake Placid, FLORIDA (FL), United States
Climate Zone:
Sub tropical

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About Nicole Paquette

I bought a small farm in Florida and I am extremely excited for this move and a great new challenge! The property has 450 persimmon trees and various other fruit trees, food bushes, food plants etc….However, we’ll turn the 4.5 acres into a Permaculture food forest (I am going to call it a “food jungle” as I imagine it).

Currently, my husband has his PDC and I am planning on getting my Permaculture Design Certificate. We’ll also hold lectures and trainings on Permaculture methods and Organic farming techniques and benefits etc… At this time, in FL especially, I feel that it’s very important to get this message out. After spending time with my family, it concerns me that so many people are not aware of what is happening to their food!

We’ll also try to switch to solar/wind energy and we’ll attempt bee keeping, raising fish (we still have to dig a couple of ponds), goats and chickens. Hopefully, we can become fully self-sufficient one day, with the main goal of going off the grid.

Next big project is turning our front yard into a mandala garden full of food. We just have to wait until the swamp on our yard goes down this winter to be able to get a dump truck full of soil delivered.


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