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Iwona van der Spank-Maternicka 's Profile
Iwona van der Spank-Maternicka
Utrecht and Markocin, Bory Tucholskie in Poland, Netherlands
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Cool Temperate

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About Iwona van der Spank-Maternicka

Born in 1971 in Gdynia/Poland, graduated in Economics/Marketing (because that was economically wise choice but deep in my heart wanted to be ecologist and later psychologist); worked in the fooding industry until discovered that it doesn't match with what my heart tells me is good. Moved to Holland 15 years ago, got married, got 2 children and discovered clowning as a path of inner growth that suits me the most. But also bougth 3ha agriculture land in Poland in Bory Tucholskie to build there up a sustainable house and a living space in harmony with nature for my family, friends and likewise people. The house is already in an advanced stadium and the vegetable garden as well, the fruit trees are 7 years old by now but give no fruits yet.

I discovered permaculture a year ago thanks to my eco-friends and learn online how to implement iets teachings into my particular situation in nothern Poland. Because my dream is an edible forest and wild edible, medicinale plants. I've got lots of space to use and also lots of challenges: endless much weed, wild animals, poor soil and I'm not there all the year long, just on schoolholidays=almost 3 months a year at the moment. My parents are there half of the year.

In the future I would love this place to be an oasis of rest, inner growth and creative inspiration for many, many people.
I'm looking forward to set permacultuur project there with people who have some more experience with it.


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