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Tom Goris
Antwerp, Belgium
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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At the age of 12 I did my first growing experiments with seeds that I collected. 6 Years later I started my own garden. First with a limited variety of plants that always kept growing over the years. I always tried to work biological but have to admit that I have sinned (because lack of knowledge) AS my experience grew over the years I realized that I was very possible to just grow biological and that I didn’t need any chemical resources at all.

My interested in permaculture came very logical. Just because It’s so natural and logical. I don’t like to fight with nature but just want enjoy & admire it. It's so impressing to see how nature always finds a way. I think it’s still one of the most impressing things to perceive. So why pick a fight with here? Like the great saying: "Permaculture is a dance with nature in which nature is taking the lead" And even when I'm very clumsy and step on her feed, she will not scream or push me away but guides me to the perfect dance.

At the moment I doing a Permaculture/ecological gardening (year) course. I also work as a volunteer in a local herb garden where I also have a community garden. I did my first year of Herbalist & now am doing the second year "Herb breeder" This course makes me ready to start my own herb growing company. Also this year I will go to Guatemala to get my PDC.


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