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Indigenous Designing with Nature

Posted by Claudette Fleming over 12 years ago

How one indigenous group use their traditional way to design their outdoor space.

What do we do when we are part custodian of rainforest land on the brow of a low hill and have time on hand?

The land is made up of beautiful trees, lily white sand with a spring and a creek at the foot of the hill and is dependent on our wisdom and care. There is not a postman to come, the noise of a ringing phone; the tune to which we run to, or a TV in the corner of the house.  Our connection with people of like minds is readily available and visitors include lots of children most of the time. The kids do not like being indoors for too long and love the outdoor space.

Naturally! With all those who can become involved, we design a multi-purpose indigenous style yard in order to meet the needs of everyone including the animals and plants. Permaculturists by nature, indigenous peoples tend to work along with nature.

In Moraro, we have an outside space that meets everyday needs including those of the kids (and many adults) desire to run, jump, climb, splash and play.

 We have left many valuable trees to grow and have included others that are native by planting them (cashew took nine months to grow and bear). The forest palms were left, not only for fruits but also for their looks. We tend and look after the land and creek. We sweep the white sand clean of leaves most days and tend the trees. Some of the leaves are carefully packed around the tree roots. (Someone mentioned that this is important to their nutrition). Then we ensure that the portion of creek that is the bathing pool and vital to that unique Moraro experience is clean. We leave the aquatic plants for the fish to live among.

The kids love it; walking among the cashew trees which have wonderful climbing frames; each one different from the other. They love racing down the hill only to land in the creek. The clean sand is soft to the bare feet of those who go barefooted.

The reflection of the moon on the lily white sand on a full moonlight night is like magic. The sight of the Milky Way is another attraction in a land where artificial lights are scarce.

When we design Moraro, we have to take nature into account. It is our greatest asset and a lot of the time all that we can afford. Are we not fortunate to be unable to afford the things that might destroy our natural world?

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