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Reinventing Roots

Reinventing Roots

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PermNegev 2: August 26th to October 7th

Project: Reinventing Roots

Posted by Alice Gray almost 12 years ago

We will be offering another Permaculture Course at the Bustan EcoKhan this summer. Sign up now to study permaculture in the Negev Desert!

Intensive Permaculture, Arabic and Middle Eastern program at the Bedouin village of Qasr A-Sir.


The 6-Week Intensive PDC allows participants to work closely with the indigenous Bedouin community of Qasr A-Sir in a merging of ancient traditional practices with cutting-edge permaculture design. Practice natural building and organic agriculture, while learning Arabic, taking Middle Eastern studies, going on field trips throughout Israel, immersing in the Bedouin way of life. Come together with international participants in a collaborative effort that bridges cultural and religious schisms.

The course is held at the Eco khan of the Bedouin village of Qasr A-Sir where participants will engage in the everyday life of the community during the implementation of location-appropriate permaculture projects while practicing and studying spoken Arabic. The program is a unique collaboration of Bustan, an NGO working in the Bedouin community for over a decade, together with academics and the members of Qasr A-Sir.


Cost and Start Date: 

August 26th- October 7th: Early bird discount: $1,200 (If paid before 7th of August)
If you pay after August 7th: $1,600 


October 7th- November 20th: Early bird discount: $1,600 (If paid at time of application)
If you pay after September 4th: $1,200

Programs Include:

72 Hour Permaculture Design Certification
The 72 hour Permaculture Design Certification is internationally recognized and constitutes the basis in permaculture principles and techniques. Throughout the 6-weeks program, internationally accredited instructors teach permaculture by implementing learned systems thinking into local design. Implement sustainable solutions, such as organic gardening and water harvesting and recycling. Through consensus-based, hands-on collaboration with local community members and elders, you will learn how to make the earth flourish fruitfully in one of the harshest climates in the world.

Learn Natural Building and Build According to Ancient and Modern Ecological Techniques From tent-hanging to earthbag-tamping, adobe-laying to cob-stomping, learn the application of local, natural, salvaged and scavenged materials in building design combined with age-old indigenous construction techniques. Build and live in beautiful earthen homes using sustainable solutions, such as grey water systems and composting toilets. Hands-on natural building techniques include cob, lightstraw, and super adobe.


First-Hand Immersion with the Ancient Bedouin Way of LifeWalk the desert in weekly workshops with local bedouin learning the secrets of the hearty local plants. Make spices, medicines, tinctures, soaps and creams using local herbs under the tutelage of seasoned alchemists. Journey to the olive groves, pick your own olives and press them into gallons of fresh oil to use throughout your stay or send home as gifts! Ride camels, make tapestries, and practice indigenous agricultural techniques... 
Sit around the fire, gazing at the stars while drinking bedouin tea as indigenous elders tell stories and share wisdom passed down through generations. Lay under an open tent, being wooed into dreaming by the sound of the desert oud...

  When you sleep in your room, your thoughts are as high as the ceiling, when you sleep outside, your thoughts are as high as the stars.

         Bedouin Proverb

  Support & Promote Indigenous Dignity, Development & Self-Sufficiency

 The Bedouin are the indigenous people of the Israeli Negev who enjoy only partial rights and whose plight is often overshadowed by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. While the Bedouin are subject to paying taxes or joining the army, most communities receive no water, sewage, housing or other infrastructure from the government.

Our program aims to empower the El Hawashla tribe of roughly 3,500 members residing in the vibrant community of Qasr A-Sir, situated on their historical land in the Israeli Negev Desert. Although recognized as a Bedouin village for more than 10 years, development has yet to take place and the entire community resides in temporary housing with no sewage, electricity or permanent running water. The members of the community all yearn for a better future of equity, prosperity, and sustainability.

In collaboration with the local community, we create the most appropriate designs with the highest benefit for locals. Start a base to help bedouin tribal members regain dignity and self-sufficiency akin to their ancient nomadic sustainable traditions.

Dialogue will be held between elders, youth, Palestinians, Israelis, Bedouins and individuals from around the world. We will bridge cultural, political, and religious schisms by relating to one another through tangible concepts regarding ecology, food production and security, and the local environment in a politically neutral zone. Students will have the opportunity to participate in tribal gatherings. 

Learn The Arabic Language

Gain a functional command of one of the most ancient and fastest-growing languages in the world with the intensive study of Arabic. Highly acclaimed arabic teachers offer coursework that will engage in the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel while studying Middle Eastern history and the Arab role over the past 14,000 years with a specific emphasis on Bedouin life in the Negev. Take the opportunity to practice speaking while working along side local community members.

Field Trips and Touring Israel

 Throughout the program, participants will visit other sustainability projects, bedouin communities, eco-villages, as well as historical, cultural and environmentally notable sites around the country. Together, they will join with local Bedouins on a Camel Caravan camping trip in the dessert. Some transportation to other sites will be, in fact... by camel.


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