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david spicer


  • Joined: 06/06/2012
  • Last Updated: 03/07/2012
  • Location: tumut, nsw, Australia
  • Climate Zone: Warm Temperate
  • Gender: Male
  • Web site: permacultureworks.org

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    PRI Maungaraeeda, Sunshine Coast Mudlark Permaculture PRI New Zealand (Koanga Institute) Direct Sponsor Reinventing Roots Eden Farms Nature Retreat Tasman Ecovillage Eagles Deep Farm Dewe School of Practical Arts and Sciences Permaculture Center of Japan




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About david spicer

David Spicer's approach to design and education is based upon a proven emphasis on practicality, having over 15 years experience in Permaculture education working and teaching with Bill Mollison at the Permaculture Institute (Tasmania) and Geoff Lawton, the managing director of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and Zaytuna Farm. He is renowned for his ability to explain concepts and ideas simply, getting to the basics.

David previously worked as farm manager of the renowned Tagari Farm and Zaytuna Farm in northern New South Wales.

He has taught and worked extensively within Australia and internationally on various projects, covering five Australian states, Morocco, Jordan and Palestine covering a broad array of different climate zones. David is a valued member of the http://www.permacultureconsultants.com/the-team/ team headed up by Geoff Lawton.

He has the distinction of being Registered Teacher #5 with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

David currently serves as Lead Consultant and Educator for permacultureworks.org


permaculture design and install in Morocco

Posted 19 days ago (0 comments)

Permacultureworks on the job

thanks to Salah Hamad and Yalla permaculture for putting this video clip together off different sites I've been working on

Posted 9 months ago (0 comments)

Eagles Deep update the most awesome porject I'm involved in

Posted 9 months ago (2 comments)

Permaculture Earthworks Course

Posted 9 months ago (0 comments)

Permaculture Design Certificate course

Posted 9 months ago (0 comments)

Eagles Deep project

I'm excited to announce, my involvement in this great new project in Victoria as not only implementing design but also starting to run courses, in Regenerative Farm Forestry, Introduction to permaculture Earthworks and more

Posted almost 2 years ago (0 comments)

Recent trip to Permaculture Sydney Institute

I was invited up to the permaculture sydney institute for International permaculture day and stay on for a few days working on site + look at the sites potenial for some of PermacultureWorks workshop, so below is a update on IPD on the work I got up

Posted over 2 years ago (0 comments)

Earthworks hydrology course

earthworks is the bones of the system, we cover all the major components of surveying, where to start, how to construct,your water harvesting and storage system

Posted almost 3 years ago (1 comments)

Managing coppice eucalypt forest

A breif artical about managing coppice eucalypt forest in Australia

Posted almost 3 years ago (0 comments)

Wadeye Permaculture Project update

A photo log up date of N.T Austsralia newest permaculture project, funded by the federal goverment

Posted almost 3 years ago (0 comments)

rural skills and sharp hand tools course

'skiling up for powering down' Dan Lawton and David Spicer are combining force to teach this course

Posted almost 3 years ago (0 comments)

2 Day Portable Sawmill course

learn the basics of portable sawmills in a 2 day intro course with practical learning

Posted almost 3 years ago (0 comments)

Talking swales

talking swales with some of the local guys at wadeye permaculture project

Posted about 3 years ago (1 comments)

installing permaculture design

Installing a permaculture design in remote aboriginal community of NT OZ

Posted about 3 years ago (2 comments)

willow fences make leaky weirs

a concept I put into practice 6 weeks ago and it's already building up lots of organics

Posted over 3 years ago (0 comments)

Portable Sawmill Course at Edenfarms Taree up date

breif up date from our second protable sawmill course at Edenfarms Taree

Posted over 3 years ago (0 comments)