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Permaculture Design Course in Czystogarb, Poland

Posted by Łukasz Nowacki about 11 years ago

Fundacja TRANSFORMACJA / TRANSITION Foundation invites you to join the best Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course offered in Poland! A PDC course covers a broad overview of topics to assist people in creating a healthy, ecologically ethical lifes

Fundacja TRANSFORMACJA / TRANSITION Foundation invites you to join the best Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) course offered in Poland! A PDC course covers a broad overview of topics to assist people in creating a healthy, ecologically ethical lifestyle. Many people across the world have invested in the experience of a PDC course already to gather knowledge and extend their network among others with similar goals, aspirations and projects in mind. Participants of this course get practical hands-on training in…(click here)

> holistic gardening and garden design
> natural building
> infrastructure design
> economic planning
> social issues

The connections created during the event open opportunities for future collaborations among teachers and participants, both on a personal and professional level, propelling the sustainability movement forward.


The specific objectives of this course are:

  • To introduce the basic concepts of permaculture theory and practice
  • To enable participants to think like an ecological designer in all aspects of life
  • Strengthen the network of permaculture enthusiasts within Europe
  • Offer participants a unique experience that will clarify their own concept of permaculture, giving them a realistic taste of what it is like to live an ecological lifestyle.

This course is hosted by Fundacja TRANSFORMACJA, a community project demonstrating aspects of permaculture and offering opportunities for practical and design activities throughout the course.

CONTACT US: [email protected]

REGISTER HERE: https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=4qL6mf5Hu4nwG8JvFoutNw

About the location…

The Chutir Horse Farm is tucked away in the pristine landscape along the fringes of the Carpathian Mountains, along the border with Slovakia. To view some pictures of the location, please click here.

Participants in the course will have the opportunity to enjoy all this site has to offer — horseback riding and lessons on horse management, view examples of broad-scale landscape management, explore local hiking trails.

About Fundacja Transformacja…

When I observe the world around me, very often I notice how many things does not work as it might, or as it should work. It is not just about material things – gadgets of civilization, but also a social system in which we live, the relationships between people, between us and the environment. Many of these things need to change. To paraphrase the words of R. Buckminster Fuller: what we need is a DESIGN REVOLUTION. That’s what the TRANSITION Foundation’s work is all about. We live in a world of unlimited access to information, all you need to do is to connect the available tools and human creative potential with the solutions that have been tested by Nature for 4.6 billion years and prepare the ground for the coming revolution!” 

Łukasz Nowacki, Founder of TRANSITON Foundation


Experiential learning has the highest quality of retention among students; therefore, we are placing special emphasis on developing practical skills and create an environment of a “mock eco-village”  during the course where all participants share various responsibilities for the design and application of the living infrastructure of the course itself.

The beginning of the course is rich in practical exercises that provide students with a “glimpse” in actual eco-village life as they design their own social and physical infrastructure (tipi dwellings, classrooms, outdoor kitchens, showers and toilets) of the site before the formal lecture sessions begin. This unique variation of the 72-hour PDC format will allow participants an opportunity to begin working immediately with each other and familiarize themselves with the landscape as well as make  a plan as to what they are seeking to learn the most during the course.

The theoretical aspects of permaculture will finally be introduced on the third day, once participants some practical experiences to reflect upon. To visualize the theoretical elements, the course will feature slide shows, lectures, films, group work, guided tours, demonstrations, practical work and self-assessment. Each theoretical session is usually preceded by a hands-on activity, working with nature. The first week, hands-on exercises will revolve around methods of observation, site analysis, soil building and human health. During the second week, practical exercises will be design-based – applying the permaculture design tools to an actual piece of land, organization or event.

During this course, you will…

  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Gain practical experience using the techniques and processes of permaculture design
  • Apply design tools and methods of gardening to an existing landscape
  • Improve and practice collaboration skills, group work
  • Make connections, gather ideas and exchange experiences with people who have a strong interest or have already practiced permaculture design
  • Find solutions to perceived obstacles in your own life by applying permaculture ethics and design principles
  • Gain sufficient knowledge for how to integrate permaculture design in your own ecological or social projects.
  • Have access to a wider network and further resources for both personal and professional development.

Course content:

  • Ethics, principles and patterns within permaculture;
  • Introduction to planning concepts;
  • Methods for observation and analysis:
  • Mapping skills
  • Sectoring
  • Social Planning methods
  • Design process and tools
  • Details and strategies for ecological living
  • Trees and other plants; forest gardening in a temperate climate
  • Soil structures, living and mineral
  • Climate history and microclimate analysis
  • Water design solutions
  • Animal management
  • Architecture and general infrastructure
  • Planning of an ecological settlement / sustainable community
  • Social permaculture
  • Ecological entrepreneurship
  • Plenty of practical experiences and exercises to support the theoretical sessions


Early-bird discount options:

Register by April 20th

and pay only 550 Euro


Pay in full 550 Euro by May 1

June 7th (Arrival)

June 8th – June 15th (week 1)

June 16th (Day off)

June 17th – June 22nd (week 2)

June 23rd (Closing ceremony and departures)


The full Permaculture Design Course fee is 650 Euro and includes:

  • instruction
  • class materials
  • accommodation on-site (2-4 people per room)
  • three meals a day (local and healthy food, vegetarians and omnivores can easily be accommodated).

A non-refundable (though transferable) 300 Euro deposit is required at the time of booking.

Up to 25 students can be accommodated in this course.

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