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Posted by Pavlo Ardanov over 8 years ago

I would like to invite you to the Permaculture Teachers` training course (see course web-page http://g.ua/WikN), organized by the NGO "Permaculture in Ukraine" with George Sobol in the balneological resort Truskavets (http://g.ua/WikX) in Ukrainian Carpat

Teaching is like passing the light through the prism, where the light changes its characteristics at the end point. And there are at least two prisms - the Trainer and the Student. Making an informative and interesting permaculture course depend on teacher’s ability to find the right balance between providing the correct understanding the essence of permaculture in the multitude of its aspects and enriching the subject by both teacher’s and student’s personal experience and understanding. The permaculture teacher should be able to find the appropriate course format and to compose the individual program based on the international curriculum taking into account resources available, natural and cultural peculiarities and community demands. The trainer should be familiar with specific requirements for adult education and to be able to maintain a friendly atmosphere of mutual learning. The use of interactive teaching methods and techniques of accelerated learning is now becoming the norm in permaculture education. See examples of the teaching sessions:


George Sobol initiated the formation of permaculture education system in Ukraine, leading the first Permaculture Design Course. He has assisted to establish several regional schools of permaculture in the Eastern Europe. Good courses for permaculture teachers are not that frequent, so don’t miss this opportunity! Since the course gives a lot of emphasis on workshops and practical teaching sessions led by each course participant, the maximum number of students is limited to 15 persons. The course will be taught in English and transated into Russian (as a courtesy to our non-English-speaking participant from Russia).
The registration fee (that includes accommodation in double rooms during the course in the pension http://g.ua/Wik3) is starting from 500 EUR for the early registration (until the end of November 2013). We don't include the meal price in the registration fee offering the participant to choose from multiple restaurants and food shops available in Truskavets. One of the cheapest meal option is 3 times a day diet meal in the pension at 75 UAH (approx 7 EUR)/person/day.

If you wish to participate in the course you need to fill the Agreement and pay either 50% or 100% of the registration fee. Please, contact perma.ukraine(et)gmail.com for the details. Early registration - before the end of November, middle registration - before the middle of december. See the course page for the registration fees (http://g.ua/WikN)

The best travel option is to take a flight (see the list or operation airlines http://g.ua/Wikc) or train (see Polish railways http://g.ua/Wikm) to Lviv (sometimes also called Lvov, which is close to the Polish border, which you can cross on foot and take a regional train or bus to Lviv as an option). And from Lviv there are several regional trains to Truskavets, the course venue (see here http://g.ua/Wikv and here http://g.ua/WikE). You may also consider to come with your family or friend to combine the study with vacations whether in Truskavets or in one of the skiing resorts in Carpathian Mountains (http://g.ua/WikP). Did you know that Lviv celebrates Christmas twice: by Catholic and by Orthodox styles (the last is on 6 and 7 of January). So you may also decide to extend your Christmas celebration with us! If you need any help with finding good travel options to Ukraine, booking extra accommodation or to spend several more days before or after the course - we will be happy to help you!

I hope to meet you soon - George is an experienced and valued permaculture trainer in Europe and his courses are always very useful and interesting. Participating in this course and promoting it via your network and among your fellows (please, like our Facebook page http://g.ua/WivK) you allow us to keep the reduced registration fee for Ukrainians, to organize successfully this and future international courses - a productive edges of information and knowledge exchange between the cultures.

Please, contact me if you have any questions (pavlo.ardanov () gmail.com, skype: biologistap, phone +380969471612)

Best wishes,

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