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Holly Cook
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Vermont, United States
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Cold Temperate

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First steps

Posted by Holly Cook over 9 years ago

Starting to implement the design from my PDC

Having created sheet-mulch beds I have planted about 30 strawberry plants, several raspberries and blueberries, as well as some grapes.  Kiwis have been planted along the front of the house, where they will be a bit warmer and more sheltered. I also buiilt a few raised beds a la Square Foot Gardening, and am looking forward to building several more when the weather warms up again.


Along with another graduate of my PDC who lives locally, a regular meeting group has been established.  Recent topics of discussion were soils and hugelkultur.


I am particularly interested in arid areas: swale building soil building and other water catchment technologies.  I have planned a trip to the Arizona desert with the hope of finding affordable land that I can test various techniques on.  Am considering approaching the Navajo Nation to see if there is any interest/need there. Hopefully photos to follow!

 Ideally I would like to work on Permaculture in the Sahel; particularly in refugee camps.  If anyone has any experience or knowledge of this area, I would be very interested to hear about it.

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