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Columbia Basin Recipe Page...2017

Posted by sheila grace almost 8 years ago

The CBP home page has a recipe tab and it’s been left intentionally blank.


Food is inspiration, food is creativity, food is love shared, food is life. I’ve had the extraordinary privilege of working with food for most of my life. Hindu mythology believes that Prana, or sacred life energy of enlightenment, resides in food, now that we have entered Kali Yuga, the Iron Age.

Anyone can put up a recipe page on the internet these days and frankly many people do. I felt it would be a huge disservice to subject readers to another look I made this and you can too. Please.

No one needs another monkey see monkey do info page.

What I’m about to share is no braggadosio, it’s very, very hard work in the restaurant and catering fields, burn scars, long hours, sweat pouring down your whites in the kitchen, if you’re front of the house, it’s all smiles no matter what, and problem solving on the fly and never revealing to the client there was a problem in the first place.

My career has allowed me to work in four cities, 3 countries and hundreds of  locations; I am classically trained in French and German pastry and just as proficient on the line and garde mage. Clients have ranged from some of the most beautiful small family gatherings to events with Bill Gates, Princess Diana, Martha Stewart, Gap Inc. VIPS, Charles Simonyi, Pavarotti, Paul Allen, Dale Chihuly, and Steven Spielberg. Locations have ranged from Windows on the World, the Rainbow Room to a 185’ private yacht in Mexico to catamarans in the Bahamas and floating house boats on Lake Powell complete with a jazz band flown in by helicopter.

This time – here - on this piece of property, things are different.

No ordering what you want from around the world, no FSA truck pulling up and unloading Truffles from Italy, Chocolates from Belgium, candied violets, Indonesian cinnamon or saffron, Israeli cous cous, Star fruit, Kiwis, Russian Caviar.

This time I get to grow the soil to grow the food. That takes a while (5 years) and then this project will be ready to launch.


In 2017 we’ll explore each recipe and talk about every ingredient - wild or cultivated – and what it means to find the personal power & skills necessary to become food independent. I personally invite you to come on out and visit us in 2017 and see it for yourself.

We’ll also talk about flavor guilds, which very few persons (if any) are talking about. This fundamental concept will give you the power to combine or substitute ingredients in order to achieve the exact flavor profiles you are looking for in any recipe you love.


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Megan Mauricio MeganMauricio
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Posted 2 months ago

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