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Building Regenerative Community Around Sustainability & Permaculture with Practical Education

Posted by Lucian Toma over 5 years ago

We are realizing that the knowledge and skills gained in a Permaculture Design Course and Training apply to so much more than to becoming a designer, consultant, homesteader or regenerative farmer. 

Permaculture Education @ San Clemente Homestead

Many graduates are using the language and worldview gained in a Permaculture Coure to transform their businesses, their schools and their local and county government policies and laws. They are becoming activists for a sustainable future, being able to provide anecdotal examples to upgrade perceptions and general awareness on how things can be done differently, regeneratively and sustainably in all kinds of industries. 

We are realizing that this education is conducive to elevating human potential, to transforming people into leaders and visionaries filled with hope and wisdom, to making a regenerative and sustainable future possible for all to enjoy. 

Permaculture, as education about and for sustainability, inspires, empowers and supports regenerative development at the individual, family, community and society wide level. 

We believe it is an education for all, and we are committed to make it happen!

From the many places where this education can be acquired now, we are just one, working to create leaders in our local community and beyond. The participants in our education work with real projects, interacting with real clients (including, homeowners, schools, private and public entities), creating real designs, and even implementing real community and landscape transformations.

If you or someone you know feels called to joining the early adopters of this life giving philosophy and multidisciplinary approach to creating a different type of world, we invite you to join our educational programs. (We are in Orange County, California only, for now)

Join us!


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Teacher: Warren Brush
Location: Quail Springs Permaculture
Date: Nov 2017
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