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Stelle, IL, United States
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Cool Temperate
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About Bill Wilson

Along with my wife and partner, Becky, we started Midwest Permaculture in early 2007 to bring a stronger permaculture presence to the middle of the US. As of early 2022 we have hosted over 92 Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses and other Advanced Permaculture Trainings and now have well over 1,800 graduates. Our students have gone on to start many projects of their own, begun offering their own design services, and some are teaching, even offering their own PDC courses. We couldn't be more delighted. Click here to meet some of our graduates and to learn what they have done with their PDC education.

As our knowledge of permaculture grows so does our desire to implement it around our home and in our community. To date we have incorporated rain-gardens, swales, a 425-gal. rain-water tank, berms, raised beds, hugelkultur beds, modest guilds, an aquaponics system, various plant guilds and more. A picture summary and deatils about the design are available on our website here. Some of our neighbors are now adding permaculture elements to their landscapes as well.

Our Evolving Permaculture Home in Stelle, IL

We are also implementing a full permaculture design on 8.7 acres of land that our local non-profit organization owns. It is on this land that some of our permaculture training takes place.

I received my Permaculture Teachers Training from Jude Hobbs (permaculture teacher of 25 years - Oregon) in 2010. Becky took her teacher's training in 2011 with Rosemary Morrow (author of 'Earth User's Guide to Permaculture') when Rosemary was teaching in Austria. We are grateful to have been trained by these talented and giving teachers.

Our goal as certifying instructors of the PDC is to have our students leave their Course excited, with useful knowledge and skills, and ready to implement both. The feedback from our students seems to reflects this.

We have lived in the small, sustainably-oriented community of Stelle, IL, for over 4 decades. Although we are from the Midwest, we are invited to teach in other areas of the country which is reflected in our course schedule. We are also offering several online trainings now encouraged on by the covid situation.

That's about it. We wish you well in your permaculture pursuits. May our paths cross someday.

Greetings From Illinois, USA -- Bill Wilson

Bill and Becky Wilson Teaching at Cal-Earth 2013


EarthShelter #1 is Now Complete!

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8 PDC Courses to be Hosted in 2016

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5 More Teachers Out in the World

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2014 Internships and Training now Open

All of our 2014 Internships and PDC courses are now posted and open for inquiries and bookings.

Posted about 10 years ago (0 comments)

2013 Internship Program

We have 3 upcoming internship periods available this year - heavy on permaculture education and hands-on training.

Posted about 11 years ago (1 comments)
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