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Home and permaculture farm
Home and permaculture farm
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Eden, Bayabas, Toril, Davao City, Davao Del Sur, PH
(63) 917 535 4766
Climate zone:
Wet/Dry Tropical

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Home and permaculture farm

Project Type

Rural, Residential, Demonstration, Educational

Project Summary

2.5 hectares (6 acres) permaculture food forest and veggie farm with eco friendly house.

Project Description

My main aim is a self sustaining environment where it will be possible to live without needing anything from outside.  Solar and wind power will come later but I designed the house to use very little electricity.

When I bought the land it was a nightmare of weeds that are not native to the Philippines but bit by bit the problem is being solved.  I started with about 200 large Durian trees and about the same number of coconut trees plus some rambutan, coffee, lanzones, chestnut, etc.

I have planted hundreds more trees of every type that may grow in this climate.

I am building fishponds that will be integrated into the system and will be making chicken and rabbit tractors.

The soil had serious problems for veggie growing and for the last year we have had torrential rain almost every day so creating a driveway and building has been very difficult.

Most of the population in this area are very poor farmers.  They all only grow cash crops then they cannot afford to feed their families with the money they get for the crops.  I really want to show them that they can easily feed their families using permaculture principles and still sell some cash crops.

For sure they will not listen if I try to explain so I have to do it first and let them see it.  I employ ten local farm boys who have a really hard time understanding why I do things the way I do but they are starting to see the results and their attitudes are changing.

They know nothing of organic farming, don't understand composting, vermiculture etc. but they have stopped laughing and are starting to ask questions.

I will post pictures later.  Meanwhile for those interested there are details and pictures here:


The following is a slightly out of date list of what I have growing so far:

Name       Approx #

Abutilon 2

Abiu 2

Aloe vera 8

Alogbati (Japanese) 50

Ampalaya 40

Atis 1

Avocado 6

Bananas (Cadarva) 10

Bananas (Canava) 6

Bananas (Cavendish) 5

Bananas (Lacatan orange) 10

Bananas (Lacatan Yellow) 50

Bananas (Latundan)

Bananas (Red) 4

Basil 10

Basil Cinnamon 2

Basil Thai 2

Beans Yard long 40

Bignay 2

Birds Nest Fern 4

Black Pepper 3

Breadfruit 1

Cacao 4

Coffee 30

Calamansi 10

Calamansi Vareigated 4

Calamansi Large 4

Camansi Tree 2

Camote (sweet potato) 100

Cashew 6

Chayote (Sayote) 12

Chico 2

Chillies various types 25

Chives Garlic 2

Cilantro 2

Cinnamon 2

Citronella 15

Coconuts tall 200

Coconuts Dwarf 10

Coconuts Dwarf Sweet 16

Coconuts Macapuno 4

Coconuts Thai Aromatic 10

Coriander 2

Cucumber 40

Curry tree 12

Curry Leaf 10

Dalandan 2

Dragon fruit Red/Red 10

Dragon Fruit Red/White 10

Dragon Fruit Yellow 10

Durian 168

Egg plant Enorma 10

Egg Plant (Local) 100

Fig   2

Gabi (Taro) 100

Garlic 60

Ginger 100

Goto Kula 1

Guava White 4

Guava White Large 6

Guava Red & Pink 6

Guayabano (Sour Sop) 6

Hibiscus 50

Iba 2

Jackfruit 3

Kohl Rabi (white) 40

Lanzones 100

Lavender English 4

Lemon 2

Lemon grass 20

Lima Beans 20

Lime American 2

Lime Biasong 2

Lisbon Lemon 1

Lomboy (Duhat) 2

Macadamia 1

Malabar chestnut 15

Malungay 10

Mango 10

Mangosteen 2

Marang 3

Mint English 2

Mint Indian 2

Mint Lime 2

Mint Peppermint 2

Miracle berry 3

Neem 5

Okra 100

Onions Bunching 15

Orange Local 1

Orange Valencia 6

Orange Mandarin 4

Oregano 2

Pako Fern (Pakpak Lawin) 100

Pandan 20

Papaya 10

Parsley Italian 2

Passion fruit 10

Peanuts Eating 200

Peanuts Pinto 5

Pechay 100

Peppers (sweet) 100

Pineapple 6

Pomelo local 2

Pomelo Magellanes 10

Pomegranate 4

Ponkan 2

Rambutan 15

Rosemary 1

Sage 2

Santol 4

Sea Grape 1

Star apple 2

Star Fruit (Carambola) 2

Stevia 5

Surinam cherry 7

Tamarind 2

Tambis 4

Tambis Large (Macopa) 3

Tarragon 1

Tiesa (Sapote) 8

Tomato 100

Turmeric 50




Doubled in size

The size of the farm has now doubled.

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