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Davao, Philippines
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Wet Tropical
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Home and permaculture farm

Home and permaculture farm

Toril, Davao City, PH

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About Frank Woolf

68 years old Englishman, retired from mechanical, electrical, electronic, telecommunications engineering, publishing, web development, etc. I build boats, furniture, and most things I need.

23 years ago I was learning about many great religions and philosophies and realized they were all predicting almost the same things to happen around this time. Soon after that I heard about permaculture and bought Bill Mollison's books. I decided then that I wanted to build a permaculture homestead/self sustaining environment with a low power usage house.

I wanted the start three years ago but for various reasons was only able to start about 6 months ago. I bought 6 acres of land 550 meter above sea level that is mostly full of durian, coconut, rambutan, coffee, chestnut, marang, caimans, santol and other fruit trees. I am now turning it into a food forest with about 1 acre of veggies. The house is nearly finished so I hope to move in during August 2012.


Expanded and doing well

We have now expanded to 5 hectares (12 acres) and after 2 years of non stop experimenting, trials and hard work we have made a lot of progress.

Posted over 9 years ago (0 comments)

Still not moved in but making good progress

The contractor building my house turned out to be incompetent and a liar so the house is still not finished but stuff is growing

Posted over 11 years ago (2 comments)
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