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Kevin Brennan
Westwood, New Jersey, United States

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About Kevin Brennan

I am a 16 year old highschool student and I have always loved nature and creating things. I like to build things out of wood, cook and go on adventures. I have been aware of environmental issues for most of my life and I feel strongly about them. I live in suburbia where consuming equals life. Although I have experience growing many annual vegetables, I am new to permaculture and want to learn as much as I can.

I became interested in permaculture because I was inspired by my friend charlie and colin. I worked on an organic farm for a while and I thought that was the answer to our problems, but then I found out about permaculture. Once I started reading about permaculture I was hooked and now I look forward to reading my permaculture and foraging books everyday. I am very excited about starting on my garden this year.

I am working on a forest garden at my homestead and I want to start gardens at my local library and school. I am very lucky because my friend charlie who already started his garden is helping me out with the process. I have introduced permaculture to people in my life and I am helping two people plant start their own gardens this spring.


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