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David John F
Darwin, NT, Australia
Climate Zone:
Wet/Dry Tropical

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About David John F

I have not yet participated in a permaculture class or received any formal training in the use of permaculture practices.
However permaculture principals have been part of my general education since observing the interconnectedness of all things as a child.
Being exposed to fairly progressive and ecologically focused communities as a kid in the 1970s I kind of grew up expecting that an environmentally aware and self sustaining future was the natural progression of an enlightened society.
Somehow along the way these values seemed to have slipped from the consciousness of broader society and I have found myself wondering was it all just a fad??? (The answer is NO... and I fear Yes)

My interest and studies in ecology along with information gleaned from a thousand other sources have influenced my world view with regard to food production nurture of the earth and practical survival. Combining philosophy and practicality one of my favorite books is The One Straw Revolution... But there are many others.

I experiment in my garden and always look for balance. I have been involved with a couple of community garden's who's guiding principals have been based in Permaculture Design Principals but I have contributed far less than I would like.

The plan is to plant my feet squarely in the soil, take a deep breath and let it happen!


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