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Terry Haven
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Woodanilling, west australia, Australia
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Bandicoot Heights

Bandicoot Heights

woodanilling, AU


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wandoo ridge food forest Bunnyginup 1 Merri Bee Organic Farm Bandicoot Heights PermacultureWest N/A The Paddock
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About Terry Haven

Discovered Permaculture in 1989,After watching "the global gardener"
on the TV..Saw Bill Mollison twice at the U.W.A in Perth.
Greatly inspired permie with allmost 8 years of forum posting on the Permaculture Reasearch Institute web page Forum..Under the Name of "Tezza"I have gained invaluable skills and knowledge from numerous other posters,skilled and non skilled alike..Also parting with over 1500 posts, consisting of Questions and Answers alike.
I do not consider my self an Expert on permaculture,as Im not,But have learned considerable knowledge,by trial and error over the past 22 years,and feel that "permaculture" is the only hope left for humans,
and there are two ways of living life,the right way or the wrong way.
Unfortunatly Present society has a habit of still teaching us the "WRONG WAY"
Im trying to teach a "better way" an Alternative way if you like.
I like to think I specialize in open range chickens..
I like to think Im specializing in Back garden "Aquaponics"
Id like to specialize in street landscaping using permaculture methods and principles...
Id like to try "greening the countryside" for 12 months,instead of the usual 6 months of brown,6 months of green,that has become the norm.I believe this is a consequence of deforestation and poor land management since colonisation of australia.


Tree Range Chooks

Tree ranging chooks, from day old to laying eggs,

Posted almost 12 years ago (0 comments)

Aquaponics System

Aquaponics uses 10% off water then conventional gardens

Posted over 12 years ago (0 comments)

My Interests

Open range chooks.Aquaponics in the suburban garden.Zero chemical use.

Posted over 13 years ago (1 comments)
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