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Jeanmarie Zirger
Mena, AR, United States
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Jeanmarie Zirger

Greetings, and thank you for visiting my page at the Permaculture Global website.
Gosh, where to begin? Well, here is clue to what makes me tick: I was reading Mother Earth News magazine back in the late sixties. I bought my first farm property in 1973. I've been doing Permaculture design since before I ever heard that word. I now have a much more manageable 5 acre property to develop. I have been published in Permaculture design magazine. I am a PDC grad (2011) as well as a certified Permaculture design teacher (2013)
in short; I eat, drink, and promote this lifestyle 24/7/365. I have worked as a Licensed master electrician, Industrial maintenance mechanic, Vocational school instructor, Cattle rancher, and Independant motorcycle business owner.
Whew! Now I am officially retired from a workforce...but certainly not from work!
I have been a WWOOF host farm in the past.

The property I live on and that I am developing into a permaculture demonstration project is a work in progress. I have developed market garden terraces on sloped land after completing a timber harvest. I have constructed five Chinampas (floating gardens) on an 11 acre constructed body of fresh water. I have a small tree fruit and nut orchard, vineyards, various berry plots, Hugelkulture garden beds and a conventional veggie garden. Laying hens are the only current livestock.
I am a member of our local farmers market, and I try to have young people here for internships as much as possible...retired...remember?
I would consider a LTR with a middle age or older woman with similar proclivities.


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Consultant Pdc teacher I'm female, single, and looking for a permaculture partner
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Warm Temperate

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