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Benedicte Kihle
Nøtterøy, Norway
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Cold Temperate

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Carsten Luedemann Hege Iren Wiken Hubert de Kalbermatten Isaac Harkness John Champagne Maria Svennbeck Reno Seprama
Geoff Lawton John Champagne
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About Benedicte Kihle

It all started when i chose to go over to a vegetarian diet as a 16 year old frustrated teenager. I joined an animal rights group, watched documentaries and got more and more furious the more I understod the inbalance in the world. When that angry teenager got introdused to yoga, meditation and selfrealisation she knew there was a shift in the mind that had to be done. Between Fear and Love. Between anger, frustration and war, and hope, thrust and action.

So I started with my own heart, saving myself before trying to save the world. From this place I could joyfully choose to learn more about how to treat and respect our Mother Gaia. So I studied Self and Realisation, Outdoor life, Natural Medicine, Ecological gardening and took my PDC. At the moment I am very inspired to make some changes at the local schools. Introduse permaculture and help them build up schoolgardens.
The dream and vision is to live in a sustainable consious community, living the change I want to see in the world.


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