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Anne Vyncke
Amfreville, La Manche, France
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Anne Vyncke

Our permaculture project is a large domestic garden about 3,9 acre (1,8 ha) where we grow annual and perennial vegetables. We provide the vegetables beds with a large amount of compost and we mulch to protect the soil against wind and dehydration. We are self-sufficient in vegetables.
Herbs are planted all around in the vegetable garden to attract bees and other benefical insects. We have also created a herb spiral, near to the kitchen.
We have two orchards.One orchard was already established and gives us apples with wich we make cider.The other orchard, which we planted ourselves, will give us a rich variety of fruit( apples, pear, cherries, plums and peaches) in the future.
We created a pond, which provides a home for the frogs and toads who keep the snail population down.Our free range chickens live in a henhouse we have built.They help us keeping the weed down in het cider orchard and, of course, they provide delicious eggs!
Our greenhouse, which we also built ourselves, against a wall is made of recycled material.
Our house is very ecologically efficient. We have a soapstone stove which heats the house. The whole property is totally insulated and is lined with wood.The water is heated by solarpanels. We collect and filter rainwater for use in the house. Waste water is filtered through a selfmade reedbed.
Ou concern for people is important in our B&B and our small camping area, where people can come to rest and enjoy the peace and quiet. The breakfast we serve is organic and homecooked. We live not far from the sea and are surrounded by unspoilt countryside.
Anne has successfully completed a Permaculture Design Course with the Permaculture Association. We are teaching people how to grow vegetables in a permaculture way. As a herbalist she can also explain to you a lot about the growing and use of herbs and perennial vegetables.We show you the way we work and how the garden is built according to the principles of permaculture. There will be the opportunity to practice in our garden...

In the future we are planning to cultivate vegetables and fruit for the local market and to sell the herbs which are growing in abondance in the whole garden.
We are Wwoof hosts.


My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design Certificate Course
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: harald wedig
Other Teachers: Lucrèce Roegiers, Piet Anrijs
Location: Vissenaken
Date: Jul 2006

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