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Jonathan Rivera
Belding, MI, United States
Climate Zone:
Cool Temperate

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About Jonathan Rivera

I am a web designer and work from home for a living. Originally, I'm from New York City, but left in search for a life more in harmony with nature. I had no idea what the meant, but I knew things had to change. I ended up purchasing a house in MI on a large wooded property.

As I became interested in growing my own food, all the standard practices just required intense inputs. Organic gardening was all about which bagged product to put in your soil. It seemed senseless, as I looked out my window and saw a thriving eco system producing much more than any garden, without any outside inputs. This lead me to permaculture, and I've been practicing it ever since.

For the past 3 years I've been using permaculture principles to manage my land and begin creating a sustainable food supply for my family and all the creatures I share the land with. It's a huge undertaking, but every year more life is springing up.

I hope to connect with other permacultureists in MI as well as build a thriving community here in my town. I believe permaculture and sustainable biointensive agriculture are the hope for Michigan's economy and communities.


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