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Matthew Bowman
Canton, New York, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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About Matthew Bowman

I cultivate permaculture action in my community through educational events, market production, and design work. I am a young farmer of New York State with a dedication to permaculture practice and education. I focus on negotiating modern aesthetic values with ecosystem function, utilizing cold temperate climate vegetation.

I have been an organic farmer for over five years, and am entering my second season of business ownership as Oasis Edible Landscaping. I recently graduated from a formal university with an education degree and hope to go beyond what I have learned to make permaculture fun and engaging for all ages. Combining education and design and installation work, I think will produce the greatest change in my community.

Having grown up in the country, I hope to focus my endeavors on rural and small town property owners. If we work together we can weave together incredibly abundant communities through permaculture. The emergent properties I hope to see through my work include, social returns of a connected community, food security in my area, and a cultivation of deep nature connection.


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