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Fitria Lutfiyana
Borobudur - Magelang, Centre Java, Indonesia
Climate Zone:
Wet/Dry Tropical

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About Fitria Lutfiyana

I grew up in a rural agricultural area of Bandung-West Java, Indonesia. There are a lot of a farmer’s family. It also led by to develop an interest in farming and gardening.I’ve had several years experience in the agriculture sector.

I was introduced to permaculture about 2 years a go from my colleague in business. As far as I know, people at my country has been doing permaculture. They has been farming and gardening even at the backyard. I had work at big city for a long time. If people around the world do the same thing and caring about permaculture, why should'nt I be? So I starts to interest to permaculture.

I have already been involved in one permaculture project, namely Rumah Kaca project, at Borobudur-Magelang. I intend to undertake a Permaculture Design Course at my earliest opportunity and am looking forward to being involved in various sustainability-oriented projects in the future.


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