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Aiyub Torin
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
Climate Zone:
Wet/Dry Tropical

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About Aiyub Torin

I grew up in a rural agricultural area of Aceh, Indonesia. There, I experienced and enjoyed the simple life of a farmer’s family. It also led by to develop an interest in farming and gardening.I’ve had several years experience in the aid-work field, particularly in the sectors of logistics, community health, water sanitation, infrastructure and permanent housing, in community based development settings, during the emergency and recovery period of Aceh post Tsunami 2004.

I was introduced to permaculture during recent academic studies , which brought back childhood memories of my experiences and interests, and I was then inspired by my friend Chris to write my Planning Report, completing my study, on community gardening in the City of Sydney, highlighting permaculture and community gardening in the urban setting.

I am very interested in further developing my knowledge of permaculture, and have already been involved in one permaculture project, namely the non-profit Pengotan Sustainability Project, and I have also volunteered in a sustainability park for more than a month with a Foundation that operates in the field of women’s empowerment and sustainable living. I intend to undertake a Permaculture Design Course at my earliest opportunity and am looking forward to being involved in various sustainability-oriented projects in the future.


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