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Todd Sickler
Madison, Wisconsin, United States
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Warm Temperate

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About Todd Sickler

I have a background in business consulting and marketing. I've spent time working with businesses and consumers selling a number of different products. Most of my time has been spent working in and around the office. How does this transfer to permaculture?

I took my experience as a consultant and starting working on what I loved. I took my suit and tie off, put on a pair of jeans and put my hands in the earth. With a partner we created a permaculture consulting company. We realized that home owners, businesses and the overall community wanted knowledge on how to become more self sustaining and environmentally friendly. Their is so much info out there but like most aspects of consulting, people didn't know how to decipher all the knowledge. That is where we at Innovative Natural Solutions come in.

We are currently working on finding a plot of land where we can teach classes in basic, and advanced permaculture. We are currently working on projects on our own property and on a smaller indoor scale. We are excited to join the larger global community that is educating and helping the world.


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