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Corrine Bruning
Minneapolis, MN, United States
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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Chrysalis Food Forest
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About Corrine Bruning


I've been studying permaculture for the last four years, with about 10 years studying sustainability focused on urban environments. I come to permaculture from Transition Towns(TT) and started a TT group in a South Minneapolis neighborhood. I'm very interested in social and personal permaculture. It's important to offer work trade, scholarships and other means to make our PDCs and general workshops more inclusive and to have spaces to make this happen. Further training includes:
Urban Farming Certification, Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate
Farm Beginnings Graduate, Land Stewardship Project
Community Organizing Graduate, Midwest Academy

I hope to receive a Teacher Training really soon and I'm very interested in creating a strong network of female and minority leaders in permaculture in my region (the Upper Midwest/MN). I'm also currently practicing permaculture design for friends.

I have a small urban farm (leased land) called Jack Dog Farms where I've been testing skills and trying to build community around Permaculture. I'd like my business to be part of the new economy.

If you want to connect with me feel free to contact me at: [email protected]


My Permaculture Qualifications
Pri verified
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Wayne Weiseman
Location: Harmony Park, Geneva, MN
Date: Aug 2013

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