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Dawn Mazur
Pismo Beach, California, United States
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About Dawn Mazur

I was born with a green thumb and the passion to use it. I have developed gardens for myself and for 49 years. Most of my work has been in urban environments.

After studying and applying permaculture designs for many years, I obtained my Permaculture Certificate from Geoff Lawton in July 2014.

I apply the principles of Vaastu to all of my design work. Vaastu knowledge of energy balance in our homes and land easily fits in with the design principles of permaculture.

I have interest and experience in:
*Forest replanting and Food Forests
*Black Soldier Fly Farming
*Apiculture with both wild bees and honey bees
*Spinning, weaving, dying
*Food storage techniques (ie dehydration, canning, smoking, fermenting, cheese making, etc)
*Biodynamic Gardening Techniques
*Animal Husbandry
*Real Estate Industry
*Healing Techniques
*Herbs, nutrition, healing tinctures, supplements

Currently I live and work on the west coast of California in a mediterranean climate within 5 miles of the ocean. At one time dense pine forests grew along the California coast inland 40 miles in this area. These were logged about 100 years ago, changing the climate dramatically. Currently in a drought cycle, deep aquifers in this area are drying up. Long term studies have indicated this area will not have fresh water aquifers available within 20 years. Permaculture application in this area is needed in order to maintain a healthy human population here.


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