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Jinny Jyn
Murray Bridge , SA, Australia
Climate Zone:
Warm Temperate

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About Jinny Jyn

Me: I would class myself as a Visionary Entrepreneur and Environmentally Driven.

I am Ex Air Force 33yrs and I now own a Motel and Aquaponics Farm.

Some of my Qualifications:

Scientific Instrument Maker - Avionics -Aviation Medicine Specialist

Front-line Manager -Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Public relations - Logistics Manager

Motelier - Chef - Liquor Licensee 96472

Built my 2 story log panel Farm house,

Established my farm and Designed 500K Ltr Aquaponics system,

Invented "Yabby City".

Agriculture and Ecosystems:

I developed and been involved in aquaponics for 15yrs. I believe new food production methods need adopting for a sustainable solution.

River Stomach Floating Farm System

The Problem:
Mankind’s impact on the environment and water systems.

A Solution - River Stomach Floating Farm System
New Green Industry: designed to intercept nutrients and rubbish along the whole River system. Reducing concentrations making it into the oceans.

Thousands and Thousands of these vessels Globally, will help recover our planets water quality and return the natural balance. This System is 100% GREEN, no Land cost to add to production costs, free feed input, reverse nutrient load by % , Bio-fuel/food output, catch floating debris. A Bio-Digestor. Intercepting and reducing concentrations making it into the oceans and gyres.

This system will produce Bio-fuel / Food / Jobs and restore the river/waterways natural balance.
Passive energy to operate, simple design, many other unique features.




I have many other inventions/designs if interested , or wish to assist, pls contact me.

Thanxs Jinny

Creator / Developer - River Stomach Floating Farm System
Founder and Honorary President - OzSEA 4CE Australian and SE Asia - Peoples' Confederacy -Aust NGO (pending)
Vice President - C.A.E.A-Charitable Association for Emergency Aid And Arbitration - Cambodian NGO
Owner / Partner - Oz Force Pty Ltd.
Owner - Diggers Rest International Restaurant
Owner/Liquor Licensee/ Motelier/Chef - Belvedere Motel ABN 98 217 884 082 , business number BN05000701
Developer/ Creator - Yabby Dabby Doo Aquaponics Farm: Yabby City
RAAF Ret'd - ( 21yrs PAF- 13yrs RSG ) ASM-SEA,DFSM, ADM,


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