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Bill Hudson
Satsuma , Florida, United States
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Sub tropical
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we are a small 11 acre effort in north-middle Florida. Working with plants that should easily integrate with the land, soil and environmental conditions. that is we are NOT irrigating. We are challenged with the accessible and growing areas soil being Florida sand...the majority of the project is either wetlands or the closest thing to it.
We are growing
cold-hardy citrus in small numbers, hot weather apples and Pears in small numbers, Peaches, cold-hearty Avocados (everything is on small scale) rabbit-eye and other blueberries, Moringa trees, Mustard greens, Beets (if possible) Turnips, Radishes, Carrots, sweet-potatoes, Parslane, Malabar Spinach, Lambs Quarters and in the abandoned pool we are growing Talapia. We are working hard to get Goji growing, Tree-Collards and maybe a Chaya tree or two.
We hope to open to the public, walking trails, Love-prayer, Peace-meditation rest areas. Long term we hope to have "Tent and Breakfast" guest where guest bring a tent and walk the trails to forage for food, no cars, minimal mechanical equipment.


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