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Cynthia Perez
Aptos, Ca, United States
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About Cynthia Perez

I once was a depressed and desperate teenager, angry at the world, searching the world for answers. Then one day I discovered Permaculture through my never-ending reading obsession. I stumbled upon Gaia's Garden and soon found myself taking a course at Cabrillo College here in central coast of California. Soon enough i couldn't get enough. I found meaning, purpose, motivation and hope. This is what my life will be dedicated to.
In this moment I am president of the permaculture Club at Cabrillo College. We currently in the process of designing a half acre food forest with the best ocean view anyone could ask for.
I believe in connection and preservation. We must change ourselves and allow Love to affect the rest into common sense. This is the only answer and I can not wait to reach our tipping point as a united humanity!!
Eat. Sleep. Permaculture!


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