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Wayne Davis
Holtville, California, United States
Climate Zone:
Hot Desert

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About Wayne Davis

I live in Zone 10a between San Diego and Yuma in hot-hot summer weather but beautiful Fall, Winter and Spring.

Since buying a home in an urban setting here a couple of years ago I have experimented with growing and expanding little by little edible perennials.

I have successfully grown Moringa stenopetala, Moringa oleifera, Moringa ovalifolia, chaya, nopal, sweet potato, blood orange, Mexican and Persian limes, pomegranate, Atriplex halimus (Mediterranean salt bush), Neem, lemon, tangelo, lablab bean, tepary bean, etc. etc.

The biggest successes are the Chaya and Moringa.

Next year I will add a few chickens and a small tilapia pond.

I have red worms munching my compost and am adding a BSF colony to prime that.

As you can see, little-by-little we're making a fun hobby into a healthy obsession.

I am also slowly planting similar trees and bushes at our place on the beach south of San Felipe, Mexico. Our place is just right of the trees in the photo.


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