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Stephan Rauer
Grand-Champ, 56390, France
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Cool Temperate
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Université Populaire de Permaculture
Elodie Belz
Geoff Lawton Marie-Claire LOUIS Pierre Crowhurst
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About Stephan Rauer

Hi, I was born in Germany in 1959 and moved to Geneva/Switzerland when I was 10 years old. I studied Yacht Design in the UK. I went back to Geneva and worked there for 30 years in different domains. (Naval Architecture, Architecture, Publishing, Sales & Marketing and E-Marketing).

Three years ago, I started Sail & Discover which offers tailor made sailing vacation in European waters for group of people and enjoy through this activity a 3 to 4 month sailing a year.

I got interested in Permaculture about a year ago through a closed friend who told to me about Pierre Rabbi and the Colibri movement. Since then I have been passionate about the subject and are reading the fundamental literature, are following an online permaculture course which I would like to complete with an onsite design course to learn so much more.

My project is to find land in rural France (Brittany, Lot, Dordogne,..) to design and live in respect with the permaculture ethics and principles. It would be nice to do it with other people as well.
I am living now in Brittany near Vannes and are renting a house with a little bit of land and practice sheet mulching, created an herb spiral...


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