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Matthew Kip
Columbia, SC - South Carolina, United States
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Warm Temperate
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About Matthew Kip

Matthew Kip grew up near Columbia, SC playing in a vast tract of forest, then watched it all being transformed into parking lots and subdivisions. This experience instilled in him concern for the collision course modern consumer culture and wild nature are on. He was introduced to the concept of permaculture in 2004, and found it was the system of design for which he'd been searching: a way to begin to reconcile the basic needs of people with the well-being of nature. He trained in permaculture design and began a teaching apprenticeship at Earthhaven Ecovillage in N.C. in 2006. He went on to design and co-manage a permaculture-inspired community garden at the University of South Carolina and an ongoing intro permaculture course hosted by City Roots in Columbia. Matthew leads wild plant foraging walks, consults as a permaculture designer and teaches sustainability related workshops in the Columbia area Besides teaching and consulting, Matthew has worked as a metal worker, woodworker, mural artist and as a social services worker on the issue of homelessness. When he's not teaching, consulting, foraging or gardening, he wrangles three small children and makes art.
He is currently preparing to co-teach the first ever Permaculture Design Course ever offered in Columbia, SC.


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