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Steven Fairbairn 's Profile
Steven Fairbairn
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Climate Zone:
Cold Temperate

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Geoff Lawton
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About Steven Fairbairn

University of Regina – First Nations University of Canada FNUC
Bachelor of Arts, Indigenous Studies Degree (2008)background in Political Science, History and Social Sciences
3 pdc
Sepp Holtzers Workshop 2014 Holtzer agro
Apprentice landscaper 4 years
13 years industrial/agro services sector,
Experienced Sasky farm hand (1997-present). With one homesteading 1996-2000
All of the Wheaton podcasts

Schooling is short term education is life long, After my schooling at the FNUC, Bills big black PDC book, was an extension and amplifier of indigenous technology. And a answer to many human habitat environmental questions.

Board of Directors of Permaculture Regina 2012-present im building RMHs, Hugleculter, Landscaping, Consulting. Im surrounded by 45 percent of Canada crop land(arguably the best soil to), but very few permaculturist, im surrounded by old farmers with land and a rich agricultural heritage, but the forest and plains have been turned over and the slews and dugouts are being drained and BC has better weather they say, so ya, im here on the front lines


My Badges
Consultant Pdc teacher
My Permaculture Qualifications
U of S PDC
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Verifying teacher: Jesse Lemieux
Other Teachers: Bill Mollison 1982, dvd, Geoff Lawton dvd, Sepp Holzer 2014
Location: Saskatoon
Date: Aug 2010
0 PDC Graduates (list)
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Climate Zones
Steven Fairbairn has permaculture experience in:
Cold Temperate
Cold Arid

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