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Jeanette Acosta
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CA, United States
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Ubuntu Gardens

Ubuntu Gardens

Idleyld Park, US

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About Jeanette Acosta


Jeanette Acosta workshops lead us in a Council Circle, followed by an exploration of some of the indigenous teachings about sustainability passed on by her parents and Chumash Elders.

Council is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart. Through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathic, non-judgmental listening, Council inspires a non-hierarchical form of deep communication that reveals a group's vision and purpose. Council offers effective means of resolving conflicts and for discovering the deeper, often unexpressed needs of individuals and organizations. Council provides a comprehensive means for co-visioning and making decisions in a group context. Council is about our personal and collaborative story.

Workshop and Lecture sessions will introduce the abundance of materials, resources, knowledge, and ancestry that exists in our natural environment. (i.e., The practice of gathering and use of native plants.) Jeanette provides expertise with cultural immersion specifically to Indigenous Maritime land use system as it relates to culture and ethno-ecological importance and biodynamic aspects from the perspective of an ancient lens.

She teaches you to cultivate your inner garden’s cycles, transitions, restoration, and revitalization process as it relates to the preservation and stewardship of your Self, Earth & Spirit.

Jeanette was raised in a household visited by traditional indigenous healers who imbued in her the respect of these sacred traditions.

She is the Blesser for the Annual Blessing Ceremony for Peace at the 3HO Summer Solstice International Peace Prayer Day. At this site, she blesses approximately 2000-3000 yogic practitioners from around the globe. She is also a certified Teacher Trainer of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, and one of the members of the Directorship Teacher Trainer Team at Yoga West Los Angeles.


2011 SoCal Convergence: April 29 - May 1 , 2011

The Los Angeles Permaculture Guild is excited to be hosting this year's convergence at Camp Hess Kramer, Santa Monica Mountains along the ocean near the LA/Ventura border. This year's convergence theme is Reconnect, Reskill, Regenerate

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7 Weekend Permaculture Design Certification Course

Whole Systems Sustainability for Creating Human Habitats in Harmony with Nature

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