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Matthew Einsohn
Prescott, Arizona, United States
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Cold Arid
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My passion for sustainability including design, development, policy, fund raising and education began at the University of Texas where I earned a B.S. in Psychology. My capstone project evaluated the link between children with ADD/ADHD and horticulture, pesticide control and ingestion. I was inspired after a summer in Austin constructing a green building trailer for FEMA to replace 120,000 trailers abandoned after Hurricane Katrina. I continued researching the effects of toxins to incorporate into my Psychology studies.
After graduating, I researched magnets as an alternative energy source. I found the work of Nikola Tesla and the Tesla Academy in Colorado and decided to further my education by spending two weeks studying electrical engineering and Tesla technology. Soon after, I connected with a Permaculture guru in Pennsylvania that had been practicing this skills for 20+ years. I did the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course, along with a yearlong apprentice. I worked on many projects, including spiral gardens and 5 acre plots with him. Additionally, I became a master gardener with the county, trained in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), and apprenticed as a solar technician during my time in Pennsylvania.
Once my yearlong apprentice ended I went to Prescott College to earn a Master’s degree in Regenerative Ecological Design. I graduated in 2012, and during this time and beyond I have completed:
· a sixteen week long semester of Ecological Design at ECOSA Institute

· a 72-hour Permaculture Design Course in Portland, Oregon

· two design jobs; the first as a re-development project for the Prescott rodeo, and second as a school and community project in Ghana Africa

· a week long Regenerative Development and Design Course

· a thesis titled “ The Popular Guide to Whole Systems and Integrative Design Process”

In addition to my completions I have taught:
· Ecological Design for Wildlife Corridors

· Biology

· Permaculture

· Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

· Spirituality and Psychology


My Badges
My Permaculture Qualifications
Permaculture Design
Type: Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course
Teacher: Darrell Frey
Location: Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania
Date: Jan 2010
Other course unverified
Regenerative Development and Design
Type: Other
Teacher: Joel Glanzberg
Location: Waitsfield, Vermont
Date: Jun 2014

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