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jamila livergood
pahoa, Hawaii, United States
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Wet Tropical
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About jamila livergood

I am on a life long journey to establish authentic community in a sustainable setting. I was born into a commune in the late 70s and feel that the network of loving parental figures as an infant formed a strong foundational understanding of the importance of raising children(and adults) in a rich community setting. After the commune disbanded when i was 3 i became part of a nuclear family and then when i ten my parents divorced and my mother raised me for the rest of my childhood. So i have had a dynamic array of experiences to draw upon as i begin to form community in my own life.

After living and learning on many permaculture farms through out my young adulthood, i have become very interested in integrating permaculture principles within a sustainable community, which took me to the tropics where there is a year round growing season and conduscive climate for becoming sustainable. However, i feel that the 'people' part of the equation is truly the foundation of sustainability. I moved to hawaii with my son and his father 4 years ago to buy a piece of land and form a small village, so that we can begin to broaden our family in an environment that supports our diet and lifestyle and allows us to thrive together.

We are finding some challenges in discovering others who deeply value the coming together of authentic community after so many generations of being disconnected from one another in our western, individualistic and nuclear family based culture.

Now, having settled into our orchard property in Hawai'i we are making a call out to others who feel a deep commitment to creating a social permaculture or tribal foundation on a permaculture farm that supports us.

please check out our website for more info~ www.asantegardens.org


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